Termination Shock Character List

This is a non spoiler list of characters from Termination Shock. The book has a large list of characters and it’s not clear when they are introduced who’s a critical part of the story and who’s merely a Stephensonesque digression. Then 50 pages later a character will say “Eshma is doing her thing” and it’s expected you understand that Eshma is a climate modeler working for the Singaporean government and the results she produces will help the government of Singapore to decide what policy stance to take.

To keep track of all the characters, their affiliations, and relationships I ended up having to write a little blurb about each on my bookmark. This only includes characters introduced in the firt 300 pages


  • Rufus - wild pig exterminator/drone pilot
  • Boskey family - Cajun gator exterminators
  • Jules - A diver, Fenna’s beau
  • T.R. - Texan billionare geo-engineer
  • Veronica - T.R’s wife


Described on pages 9-10

  • Saskia - Queen of the Netherlands
  • Willem - her Chinese American chief of staff
  • Lotte - her teenage daughter
  • Lennert - her head of security
  • Amelia - her bodyguard
  • Fenna - her stylist
  • Alastair - British oceanic modeler specializing in rogue waves
  • Beatrix - Willem’s distant american cousin, climate activist


  • Bob - mayor of London
  • Daia - Sikh TV journalist, married to bob
  • Mark - Ocean modeler, friends with Alastair


  • Sylvester - high ranking member of Singaporean government
  • Eshma - Climate modeler


Described on page 211

  • Cornelia - Head of rich old Venetian family. Venetian nationalist
  • Michiel - Cornelia’s nephew and scion. Former footballer
  • Chiaria - Michiel’s sister

Lak’s fellowship

Described on page 234 & 282

  • Laks - Canadian Sikh and stick fighter
  • Ilham - Uigher in charge of logistics
  • Gopinder - Sparring partner
  • Ravi - Rich cricket player
  • Pippa - Kiwi documentarian
  • Su - Korean streamer
  • Bella - Argentinian Backpacker
  • Sam & Jay - Sikh football hooligans


  • Bo - Chinese spymaster, attempting to recruit Willem